How Do You Create a French Spa-Themed Bathroom?

How Do You Create a French Spa-Themed Bathroom?

Transforming your ordinary bathroom into an authentic French spa-themed retreat isn't difficult or costly. The theme can be achieved by painting, decorating and accessorizing.

  1. Paint the walls

    Enhance the walls and add the charm of the Mediterranean waters to your bathroom with a splash of color. A fresh coat of pale yellow, pale lavender, pale green or light rose give your bathroom a beautiful, French vintage look.

  2. Decorate with furniture

    A claw-foot bathtub or a Victorian-style stool adds a nice touch to the French spa-theme bathroom. For a vintage look, use furniture with cabriole legs that are elegant and curvy. Go on a treasure hunt in your local thrift stores and antique shops to find accessory pieces that add to your bathroom's new look.

  3. Accessorize your space

    Choose scented soaps, candles and lotions for your French spa-themed bathroom. Arrange all your scented items on the bathroom sink. French vanilla, floral mint and chocolate are ideal smells to help create the ambiance of a relaxing retreat. Place a few rolled-up, white towels in a light brown basket to store in a corner. Stock up on foot oils and lotions.