How Do You Create Faux Paint Textures?

Create faux paint textures using a rolling rag technique by applying a base coat, allowing it to dry, then applying the texture by applying a second coat with a bunched rag before checking your work. Faux painting requires the base coat showing through the top coat.

  1. Apply the base coat

    Paint the room using a paint roller, cutting in corners using a brush. If the room is already the solid color you want for the base coat, skip this step. A good base coat is essential for a good faux finish.

  2. Allow the base to dry

    Do not attempt the faux finish before the base coat dries thoroughly.

  3. Apply the texture

    Use a lint-free towel to apply the second coat. Bunch the towel to eliminate as many flat spots as possible. Dip it into the paint and press it against the wall. Continue pressing the towel to the wall until most of the paint is gone before dipping into the paint again. If you saturate the towel with paint, rinse it and squeeze it dry before proceeding.

  4. Inspect your work

    After you finish one section of the wall, step back and inspect the work. Look for areas where you need to apply more paint to achieve the desired finish.