How Do You Create a Faux Brick Skirting Around a Mobile Home?


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To create faux brick skirting around a mobile home, measure the area to be covered, install wooden framing boards and screw the skirting panels into the boards. The supplies you need include a measuring tape, boards, nails, screws and a drill.

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Measure the perimeter of the mobile home, including the patio and porch, if you wish to skirt them. At every corner, measure the distance from the ground to the bottom two inches of siding. Repeat this measurement at the middle of the front and back of the home.

Add the corner and middle measurements, and divide the sum by six. This is the average distance between the siding and the ground, plus a two-inch safety margin. Use the perimeter and height measurements to purchase the required amount of faux brick skirting and wooden boards. Nail a frame of wooden boards around the area to be skirted, and screw the panels into the frame.

There are several types of faux brick mobile home skirting. Polyurethane panels are popular because they are more affordable than real bricks. Stamped metal panels are another option. These may be primed and painted, and they are resistant to damage from lawn chemicals. Foam skirting also comes in a variety of finishes, including faux brick.

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