How Do You Create Decorative Mosaic Tile Patterns?


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To make a tile mosaic, cut the tiles to the appropriate size, draw the desired design on the surface of the material, and use adhesive to set the tiles into place. Apply grout to the mosaic after the adhesive dries.

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How Do You Create Decorative Mosaic Tile Patterns?
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Draw a design on the desired surface, and lay several of the tiles on the surface to ensure they are the proper size and color. Use smaller tiles for intricate designs and larger tiles for simpler designs. For simple designs, apply adhesive to each tile, and place the tile in the appropriate place.

When creating an intricate mosaic, lay the tiles out on a flat surface, and place a sheet of clear contact paper over the design after all the tiles are in place. Flip the sheet of contact paper, and the tiles, over, and apply adhesive to the back of the tiles. Place the tiles on the surface, and press to ensure the adhesive sticks.

Peel the contact paper off the tiles after the adhesive dries. Apply a thin layer of grout to the tiles following the instructions on the product packaging, and allow the grout to cure for the recommended amount of time. When creating a mosaic in an area exposed to water, use waterproof adhesive and grout.

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