How Do You Create a Chevron Shape on Your Wall?


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Create a chevron shape on a wall by first painting the wall with a base color. Mark the peaks and valleys of each chevron shape on the wall and create the outline on the wall using tape. Paint the chevron stripes and remove the tape once the paint is dry.

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Measure the wall and draw the chevron pattern on paper to help plan the number and size of the chevron. Mark each chevron peak and valley on the wall with a pencil. Use a level and yardstick to mark in a horizontal line with even space in between the peaks and valleys. Make sure each row of peaks coincides with each row of valleys except the first row.

Use small strips of painter tape to create the outline of the chevron shape. Lay the tape on the outside of the drawn shape rather than the inside. Make sure the tape is securely adhered to the wall to prevent paint from dripping underneath it. Paint the outlined chevron shape using a paint roller.

Work from top to bottom to avoid smudging or smearing of paint. Allow the paint to dry completely. Carefully peel the tape of the wall. Use a small brush to touch up any defect.

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