How Do You Create Beautiful Vintage-Look Painted Furniture?

To create beautiful vintage-look painted furniture, add a base coat of paint to the piece and then sand the piece to create natural-looking wear-and-tear. Alternately, apply wax to the base coat, repaint the piece and then remove the wax.

There are two popular ways to create distressed vintage style furniture. The first is to create natural looking wear-and-tear by sanding surfaces down to the bare wood. The second is to apply wax and a second coat of paint to make the piece look like it has been repainted over the years. To use the sanding method, use the following steps.

  1. Clean and sand the piece
  2. Clean the piece and remove any existing paint or finish with a stripping product. Sand the piece until it is smooth.

  3. Apply a base coat of paint
  4. Apply a single base coat of paint to the furniture and let it dry.

  5. Strategically sand the piece
  6. Use sandpaper or steel wool to sand the paint off of areas of the piece that would naturally get a lot of wear and tear. Corners, edges and knobs make good choices.

To create the repainted look:

  1. Prepare the piece
  2. Wash the piece thoroughly and remove existing paint with paint stripper. Sand the furniture and wipe off any sanding dust.

  3. Paint the item
  4. Paint the piece with one layer of base coat.

  5. Apply wax or plastic to the piece
  6. Cover strategic areas with wax or pieces of painter's masking paper.

  7. Apply a second coat of paint
  8. Apply a second coat of paint in a different color. Let the paint dry.

  9. Remove the wax or paper
  10. Remove the wax or paper to reveal the first coat of paint underneath.