How Do You Create an Azalea Bonsai?


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Create an azalea bonsai in about two hours using a standard plant from a nursery. The materials you need include a bonsai pot, plastic mesh screen, 1/8 inch dowel, pruners and copper wire.

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  1. Prepare the pot

    Place plastic mesh over the drain hole of the pot. Use copper wire and 2-inch lengths of dowel to wire the mesh in place and prepare an anchor to which you will tie the root system of the bonsai to secure it in place. Add enough soil to fill the pot halfway.

  2. Prepare the azalea

    Remove any growth from the lower stem of the plant. Remove growth from the top of the plant to create the desired shape. Remove the azalea from the nursery pot and gently remove soil from the roots. Rinse the roots to remove the final traces of soil. Use a spray bottle to mist the roots as necessary to keep them wet until the plant is in the soil again. Remove approximately half of the root mass, allowing the plant to fit into the bonsai pot.

  3. Pot the azalea bonsai

    Place the plant in the pot, slightly off-center. Secure the stronger supporting roots with a loose loop of copper wire over the root attached to the dowel. Protect the roots from the wire using strips of plastic mesh. Fill the pot with soil and water the bonsai.

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