How Is Cream Frothed Using a Barista Express Espresso Maker?


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The Barista Express espresso maker includes a steam wand with a frothing nozzle to froth milk for specialty coffee drinks. The package also includes a stainless steel frothing pitcher to use with the milk. It produces a cup of espresso in less than a minute, including the grinding time.

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The Barista Express has a coffee bean storage container on top of the machine that feeds the precise measure of coffee beans into its integrated grinder for a single or double shot of espresso. The conical burr grinder offers 15 settings, so the user is able to choose the best for his preferred taste.

The low-pressure pump coffee brewer allows the user to set the temperature of the water it pumps through the ground coffee. It has two interchangeable coffee filters. The double-walled filter is ideal for the beginner and ensures the perfect tamp and crema with each cup. The single-walled filter allows the experienced user to make minor adjustments as he pleases.

The machine features built-in water filters to remove contaminants from water and improve the flavor of the brew. It has an extra-large water tank and a dedicated water dispenser to serve guests hot drinks other than coffee or for adding water to espresso for an Americano.

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