What Are Some Craft Ideas for Huge Plastic Tubs?

Recycle huge plastic bins into a cat climbing tower, a functional bookshelf, an attractive toy box or an ottoman. They can also be re-purposed to become jewelry holders, which are convenient at home or useful if a person sells jewelry and wants easy organization for a display.

Storage bins can be stacked on top of one another to create an inexpensive, easily cleaned cat climbing tower. Once holes are drilled into the bins, each bin may be bolted to the other for stability. Windows may be cut in the front of the boxes, giving felines a place to play with a bit of privacy.

To make functional bookshelves, paint each bin to reflect a chosen theme. Painting bins white with large black dots is a way to craft the appearance of dice. To ensure durability, stack and bolt the bins together.

To create a toy box, sponge-paint Mod Podge onto the bin in small sections. Once a small section is painted, cover it with wrapping paper or fabric. Use a hot glue gun to attach burlap to the lid and any curved sections. Drill holes into the bottom of the box to attach decorative fence posts as the toy box legs.