How Are Cracks in Ceilings Repaired?

How Are Cracks in Ceilings Repaired?

To repair cracks in a ceiling, gather the needed supplies, remove any debris, sand the area, patch the cracks and smooth the area. For a successful repair, it may be necessary to have the paint used on the ceiling originally if the putty does not match the color.

  1. Gather supplies
  2. For best results, a homeowner will need to gather a painter's tool, sandpaper, a putty knife, putty and paint if needed.

  3. Remove debris
  4. The first step is removing loose debris. This can be done with a damp towel. The cracks should then be examined and any that are smaller than a fourth of an inch wide should be widened slightly so the putty will be able to adhere to the area.

  5. Sand the area
  6. The next step is to sand down the area. Use sandpaper and simply rub the sandpaper over the cracked ceiling area.

  7. Patch
  8. For this step, the cracks should be filled with as much putty as possible. Use a putty knife to mash the putty into the crack as well as to scrape off any excess putty.

  9. Smooth the ceiling
  10. The final step involves smoothing the area with sandpaper so that the putty does not stick out from the wall in noticeable clumps. After this smoothing step, it may be necessary to paint over the putty if it does not match the color of the ceiling.