Are Cozy Heaters Energy Efficient?

Are Cozy Heaters Energy Efficient?

Cozy heaters are geared toward energy efficiency and operate on significantly less power than typical heaters. As of 2015, the Cozy brand states that its heaters use as little as 95 watts of energy.

Various available Cozy heaters can be used as desk heaters, room heaters, foot heaters and electric space heaters. Cozy desk heaters are small, low-wattage heaters that are used under the desk. The Cozy Eco-Save room heater is versatile, portable and utilizes low-wattage convection heating.

The various types of Cozy foot heaters available include its heated foot rest, under-desk foot warmer and its foot warmer mat. Foot heaters gently and safely warm an individual’s feet in cold environments.

The most energy-efficient Cozy heaters are its electric space heaters, which can operate on about the same energy as a light bulb. These space heaters use between 50 and 750 watts of energy, while traditional space heaters generally use between 1,500 and 2,500 watts. By employing radiant heat technology, these low-wattage heaters produce good heat while maintaining a low surface temperature. Radiant heat technology warms areas quickly while using low amounts of energy.

Energy efficient heaters are often preferable due to how they help lower expenses and reduce the risk of power outages. They also reduce the potential for fires.