How Do You Cover Windows in Plastic?

How Do You Cover Windows in Plastic?

Install plastic over windows by cleaning the window, cutting the material slightly larger than the window, installing with double-stick tape, heating with a blow dryer and trimming excess plastic. A shrink-wrap window covering provides a moisture barrier and insulates the window against heat loss.

  1. Clean the window

    The plastic limits your access to the glass, so clean it before installing the kit. Use glass cleaner and lint-free cleaning materials to clean the glass. Once the kit is installed, it protects the window, so the glass doesn't get dirty again until after you remove the plastic.

  2. Cut the material

    Measure the window, and cut the material so it extends beyond the edges.

  3. Install the plastic

    Use the double-stick tape in the kit to attach the plastic to the walls around the window. Press the tape to the wall, and then remove the protective covering from the second side. Try to eliminate as many wrinkles as possible.

  4. Heat the plastic

    Use a blow dryer set on the highest heat setting to shrink the plastic. Keep the air stream moving over the plastic so you do not melt a hole through the window covering.

  5. Trim the excess

    Use a sharp utility knife to cut away any plastic that extends beyond the double-stick tape. Avoid cutting the wall when trimming the plastic.