How Do You Cover Wallpaper With Paint?


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To cover wallpaper with paint, glue any loose edges on the wallpaper, apply two coats of stain-killing paint on the wallpaper, and use a fine emery board to file the seam if needed. After that, apply the top coat, and leave the paint to dry.

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  1. Glue loose edges, and paint the wallpaper

    Attach loose edges with glue. Using stain-killing paint, paint two coats to cover the pattern on the wallpaper. Leave the coats to dry.

  2. File the seam if necessary

    Check for any visible seam on the wallpaper after the first two coats. If any, use a fine emery board to file the seam smoothly.

  3. Apply a top coat

    Paint the top coat to cover the wallpaper pattern completely. Leave the paint to dry.

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