How Do You Cover Switch Plates?

How Do You Cover Switch Plates?

How Do You Cover Switch Plates?

To cover a switch plate with decorative paper or wallpaper, you must cut and glue the paper to the plate. You need a switch plate, decorative paper or wallpaper, a pencil, scissors, a utility knife, white craft glue, a water-based urethane, a small brush and a few clothespins.

  1. Choose your switch plate

    Use a switch plate from your home, or purchase a new one from a building supply or hardware store. A metal switch plate with straight edges is easier to cover than a plate with rounded edges.

  2. Trace the switch onto the paper

    Use a pencil to trace the outline of the switch on the back of the paper. Pencil another line about 1/4 inch around the first line to create a margin.

  3. Cut the paper

    Cut the paper on the margin. You'll be left with paper shaped like the switch.

  4. Cover the paper with the craft glue

    Spread a thin, even layer of craft glue on the back side of the paper. Place the switch down on the paper, using the penciled outline of the switch as a guide for even placement.

  5. Fold back the sides

    Fold the margins of the paper over the sides of the plate. Use clothespins to hold the sides of the paper in place until it adheres. Remove the clothespins before the glue is completely dry to prevent sticking.

  6. Cut out the holes for the switch and screws

    When the glue is dry, turn the switch over. Use the craft knife to cut the rectangle for the switch. Make tiny x's for the screw holes.

  7. Apply the water-based urethane

    Use the small brush to apply the water-based urethane to the front the plate to seal and protect the paper. Let it dry completely before use.