How Do You Cover Lampshades?


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Cover a lampshade using decorative fabric. First roll out the fabric and lay the lampshade on its side. Cut the fabric two inches above and below the lampshade. Wrap the lampshade in the fabric and trim it until two inches of overlap remain. Place fabric glue along the lampshade's seam and evenly adhere an end of the fabric to it. Use tape to hold the fabric in place while it dries for at least a half hour.

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Once the glue dries, remove the tape and wrap the fabric the entire way around the shade. Use a piece of tape to keep the fabric still while working. Fold the overlapping fabric into the top of the shade and use a fabric pen to mark along the edge. Cut the fabric 1/2-inch from the pen mark and tuck the ragged edge under the fabric until it is flush with the edge of the lampshade. Put a thin layer of glue between the folded edge and the lampshade and repeat the edge folding process for the other side of the lampshade.

Take off any tape still keeping the fabric in place. Fold the uneven edge inside the fabric and glue it down to create an even seam. If desired, glue ribbon along the edges of the lampshade to enhance the look.

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