How do you find coupons for different home and garden shows?


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Visitors can find coupons for home and garden shows locally by visiting the website for that show. For instance, the Pittsburgh Home and Garden show has coupons available on its website under the "Discount Coupon" button. Another option is to search coupon savings websites like RetailMeNot.

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Use the following process to find coupons for home and garden shows on RetailMeNot.

  1. Go to RetailMeNot
  2. Visit the RetailMeNot website and click on the "Coupons" tab. This displays a drop-down menu of coupon types. Click on either "Coupon Codes" or "Printable Coupons," whichever is preferred. Scroll through the lists of coupons until reaching the desired home and garden show coupon.

  3. Search for coupons
  4. Use the search engine bar to find coupons for specific shows more quickly. Enter the term "home and garden" show and press the "Search" button. Scroll through the results and click on the desired coupon.

  5. Print a coupon or use a code
  6. Click on the coupon code to see the code for that savings and then to go to the website where tickets for that show are available for sale. The idea is to enter the code at checkout. Click on the "Show Coupon" button for printables. Then, click the "Print" button on the window that pops up with the coupon in it.

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