What Are Some of the Countertop Colors That Silestone Offers?


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Silestone comes in many colors, including white diamond, sienna ridge, black canyon, arden blue and magenta energy, as of 2015. Other colors that Silestone offers include orange fuego, dragon black, ebony pearl, silver nube and coffee brown.

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Silestone is a type of quartz surface that is a popular material for countertops. Benefits to choosing Silestone over other types of countertop surfaces include superior stain resistance. Since this material is non-porous, substances such as coffee and wine do not permanently mark it. Silestone is also resistant to acid, which means lemons, soda and other acidic liquids do not eat this material away.

Silestone is additionally resistant to scratches due to the quartz, which is one of the strongest materials in the world. Silestone is also resistant to impact, which helps guarantee safety in the kitchen. Though this is partly due to having the strength of quartz, Silestone also features some elasticity and a vibrocompression system.

Additionally, Silestone contains a formula that makes it resistant to bacteria due to the use of silver ions. This feature is very important in both the bathroom and the kitchen. The silver ions are introduced into the Silestone during the production process, and this unique formula significantly reduces the bacteria present on the surface.

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