What Could Be the Problem If an Amana Dryer Does Not Start?

Some of the common problems with an Amana dryer that does not start include a burned out thermal fuse, faulty rotary switch and defective drive motor. The steps to troubleshoot an Amana dryer depends on the specific model.

A burned out thermal fuse is a common issue for a dryer that does not start. The fuse is located in a white plastic housing on the heating element housing or blower housing depending on the model. To fix the problem, unplug the unit and locate the fuse. Test it for continuity with a multimeter, and replace it if faulty.

Another common cause for this problem is a faulty push start or rotary switch. This is usually located on the dryer’s main console. To fix the problem, unplug the unit and test the switch for continuity using a multimeter. Contact the manufacturer or retailer for a replacement part if this is the problem.

Lastly, a dryer that does not start may be caused by a defective drive motor. This is located underneath the front panel and drum. To test the motor, provide line voltage to the terminal’s motors and check if it is working as it should. This is a task that should only be performed by a certified appliance repair technician, preferably one with experience in fixing Amana dryers.