What Could Be the Problem When an Air Conditioner Unit Does Not Get Cool?


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Low or leaking refrigerant, wrong temperature setting, clogged filter and malfunctioning thermostat sensor are common issues that prevent air conditioners from working properly. Air conditioners use refrigerant to cool the air. With leaking or low refrigerant, it's impossible for the air conditioner to work effectively.

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On hotter days, lowering the thermostat temperature is required to cool the room and to keep the compressor running long enough to remove excess humidity. For efficient humidity removal, it is important to purchase an air conditioner unit that is appropriate for the size of the area of your home.

Another reason for inefficient cycling on and off is a malfunctioning thermostat sensor. Removing leaves or debris from the condenser and moving drapes away from the unit helps the air conditioner cool efficiently. Clean the removable filter regularly to facilitate efficient airflow and prevent the evaporator coils from getting clogged and icing up.

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