What Could Influence the Cost for an Asphalt Driveway?

What Could Influence the Cost for an Asphalt Driveway?

The geographic area where an asphalt driveway is built significantly influences price, according to This Old House. Other factors affecting cost are type of top coat, the base underneath the driveway and additional drainage. Also, size and thickness of the driveway play a part, The Nest states.

A few options are available for asphalt driveway top coats, says This Old House. Plain top coats are least-expensive. Stamping designs into the surface or adding color to the driveway increases the cost.

A chip seal is more expensive, as well. Oil and small rock chips are placed on top of the surface, explains Evans Construction. This is not a typical method of finishing residential driveways. It is more commonly used on highways and subdivision roads.

If a brand new driveway is being constructed, a gravel layer must be placed under the asphalt, which increases the price, This Old House reports. Whether new or repaired, a driveway must have proper drains in place, or it breaks down more quickly.

Total square footage of the driveway impacts its price, relates The Nest. A typical single driveway is about 10 feet wide. While wider driveways cost more, narrower ones do, too, because it is more difficult for the construction equipment to access the site.