What Could Cause a GE Refrigerator Door to Sag?

could-cause-ge-refrigerator-door-sag Credit: Christina Hendricks/CC-BY 2.0

A GE refrigerator door can sag due to overuse, a large quantity of food stored in the door or ongoing deterioration. Any sagging should be repaired as soon as possible, as it prevents the gasket from sealing, causing cold air to leak out and food to spoil quicker.

To repair a sagging refrigerator door, first empty the shelves on the door of all food. Find a socket that fits the bolts holding the hinges onto the door. With a racket wrench, use the proper socket to loosen the bolts, but do not loosen them completely. They only need to be loosened enough to adjust the door.

For a traditional refrigerator and freezer combination, adjust the top hinge for a top sagging door and adjust the middle hinge for a bottom sagging door. After altering the middle hinge, it might be necessary to correct the top hinge as well.

To adjust the door after the bolts are loosened, lift the door upwards and balance it in the correct position. It is worth having a second person to help with this. Once in the adjusted spot, tighten the bolts using the socket and ratchet. Test the door multiple times to ensure it closes properly and no cold air is leaking out.