What Could Cause Your Clothes to Have Brown Spots After Coming Out of the Dryer?

Causes of clothes having brown spots when they come out off the dryer include dryer sheet stains, rusted dryer drums and faulty door gaskets. Washing machine problems such as unbalanced agitators and rusty components also cause brown stains that go undetected until the clothing is dry.

The first step to diagnosing brown streaks on dried clothing is to wash a load without liquid fabric softener and dry it without dryer sheets. Stains appearing in these conditions are often caused by rust or ineffective gaskets. Examine the rubber seal around the dryer door. The metal components beneath the seal rust if exposed to moisture, and clothing pinched by the damaged gasket rubs against the rusty areas.

Rust stains can be removed from clothing by treating the stains with a rust remover designed for textiles. Severe stains often require multiple treatments. Ivory soap is also effective at removing many laundry stains, including those caused by rust. Wet the stained area, gently rub a bar of Ivory over the stain and rinse with cool water. If the stain persists, rub it with Ivory, and let it soak in a bowl of water mixed with clothes detergent.

Oxygen bleach is an excellent weapon in the fight against rust stains. Chlorine bleach, however, intensifies rust stains.