What Could Be the Cause of Ceiling Fan Motor Noise?

could-cause-ceiling-fan-motor-noise Credit: David Papazian/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Ceiling fans begin to make noise because of improper installation a normal wear and tear. A quick cleaning, maintenance check and tightening of screws will fix the problem.

Regular cleaning and dusting of fan blades keeps them balanced, helping to prevent the motor noise associated with lack of balance and heavy use. The spinning of ceiling fans causes continual wear on them because of centrifugal force, which is a principle of gravity that forces spinning objects to pull outward from the axis point. In this case, the blades are pulled away from the motor as they rotate, causing more wear and tear over time.

If the ceiling fan noise persists after it has been cleaned, users can shut the power off to the fan and tighten all the screws. This includes the ceiling mount, the blade attachments and any light fixtures. To avoid cracking the glass fixtures, users should place metal washers under the screws to act as a buffer and eliminate any noise. After tightening, homeowners can run the fan again to see if the noise has been eliminated. If not, they should check the manual to make sure the fan is installed properly and inspect the movement of the blades; they should spin parallel to floor. Most ceiling fan kits also come with blade weights that can be attached to balance out the fan movement.