What Are the Costs Involved With Removing a Popcorn Ceiling?


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The costs involved in the removal of a popcorn ceiling include the cost of testing the ceiling for asbestos, the cost of supplies and tools and the cost for hiring a professional ceiling remover. Because scraping a popcorn ceiling requires a lot of labor, a bigger fraction of the removal cost involves buying labor.

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Testing a popcorn ceiling for asbestos is a prerequisite for ceiling removal only if the establishment of a home occurred earlier than 1980. Although a homeowner can test the ceiling for asbestos using a self-test kit, he should hire a professional to avoid the risks involved. The cost of hiring a professional to test the ceiling for asbestos is about $250, as of 2015. To test the ceiling for asbestos, the technician obtains a sample from the ceiling and then takes the sample to a certified laboratory for examination. However, the use of an accredited laboratory is a necessity irrespective of whether the homeowner hires a professional or uses the self-test kit.

If the home establishment occurred after 1980 and the owner decides to remove the ceiling himself, he only needs to purchase tools and supplies such as a spray bottle, a putty knife and plastic sheets to remove the ceiling. Alternatively, the homeowner can hire a professional ceiling remover. As of 2015, professionals typically charge 85 cents to $1.50 to remove 1 square foot of a ceiling without asbestos. For a ceiling of the same measurement, but with asbestos, the charge is typically $10 to $16 as of 2015.

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