What Are Costs Associated With Water Damage?


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The cost to repair water damage depends on the size of the affected area, the extent of the water damage, the materials needed for the restoration and the type of water that caused the damage. Small water damage repairs can range from $100 to fix a small leak in the ceiling to over $25,000 to repair an entire home that has been flooded by storm water.

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There are three categories of water damage. Category One is the least expensive and is leakage from a clean water source, such as a faucet or supply pipe. Category Two is gray wastewater with minor contaminants, such as leakage from a washing machine or dishwasher. Category Three water damage is the most expensive to repair and is black water that contains sewage or other debris.

Water damage as a result of flooding is typically not covered by homeowners' insurance; however, flood insurance is available to homeowners and usually covers flood damage from a natural disaster. As a general rule, flood insurance covers water damage that was not caused by a lack of standard home maintenance.

If a house is not quickly dried after suffering water damage, there can be additional problems with mold and rot. It is important to note that certain materials, such as wood and plaster, absorb and retain water more than other household materials such as drywall. When these materials have been exposed to water, they must be properly dried, sanitized or removed.

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