What Are the Costs Associated With Spray Insulation?


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The costs that are associated with spray foam insulation are the cost of the type of foam, the amount of space that needs to be covered and the cost of labor. It also generally costs less to install spray foam in newly constructed houses rather than previously existing homes.

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What Are the Costs Associated With Spray Insulation?
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The type of foam that is used for the insulation dictates a large portion of the overall cost of the project as open-cell foam generally costs less than closed-cell foam. The difference between the two types is the amount of chemicals that are incorporated into the foam to make it marginally waterproof. Open-cell foam uses less chemicals than closed-cell foam, which makes it rather ineffective as a water-vapor barrier. However, open-cell foam can act as an effective sound dampening barrier.

The area that needs to be covered also contributes to the overall cost of installing foam insulation. A larger area naturally requires a higher cost to insulate. Another project cost is the cost of labor, which cannot be avoided unlike other do-it-yourself projects such as painting. Spray foam insulation should only be installed by a certified professional due to the specific tools, expertise and safety procedures involved. Additionally, homeowners who try to install spray foam insulation on their own may incur further associated costs from the project due to missing spots, uneven insulation and eventual re-installation costs.

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