What Are Some Costs Associated With Purchasing and Maintaining a Hot Tub?


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Costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a hot tub include installing an electrical outlet, increased use of electricity, building a foundation for the tub, replacing the filters and making sure the chemicals in the hot tub are always properly balanced. Hot tubs also require occasional repairs and routine upkeep.

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Hot tubs require an electrical outlet, which can cost roughly $1,000, as well as a proper foundation before they can be built. This foundation usually requires special reinforcements and can consist of a cement slab or a deck. Owners can also expect operating a hot tub to increase their electricity bills. This cost varies according to how much the tub is used. As a result, electricity bills can be higher in the winter than they are in the warmer months of the year.

Depending on the hot tub, there might be more than one filter that needs to be changed every few months. The pH levels of hot tubs also need to be constantly monitored. An additional expense is maintaining the tub's sanitation system, which requires purchasing chemicals and monitoring strips.

An owner can expect a hot tub to break down sooner or later. Examples of common repairs include leaking pipes, failing pumps and failing computer boards. Once the warranty on a hot tub expires, the owner is responsible for paying for all necessary repairs.

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