Where Are the Costs Associated With Installing a Home Air Conditioning System?

costs-associated-installing-home-air-conditioning-system Credit: Joe Raedle/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

As of February 2015, the average cost of installing a home air conditioning system is between $4,000 and $6,000. This includes expenses such as labor costs, installation materials, site preparation and debris removal. However, the exact cost depends on the policies of the contractor and the type of air conditioner.

The type of air conditioner chosen for installation determines the installation cost. For example, a window air conditioner is cheaper to install than a central air conditioner. However, the window conditioners are less powerful than the central ones and are more effective in small rooms. Typically, the larger the room, the higher the cost of installing a conditioner.

Some air conditioning technicians charge extra costs for protecting the existing structures during the installation process, including components, finishes and materials. Labor costs account for the larger percentage of the total costs involved when installing an air conditioner.

According to Homewyse.com, the average cost of one air conditioner per unit is between $1,840 and $2,272. When labor and additional expenses are included into the final quote, the cost increases to around $4,500. To get the exact cost of installing an air conditioning system in a particular region, it is advisable to compare prices on websites such as HVAC OpCost.