What Is the Cost of a Pole Barn?


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A traditionally built pole barn will cost between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the materials used. It is suggested to estimate $10 per square foot based on a barn measuring 40 by 60 feet.

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The cost of pole barns can exceed $10,000 depending on the construction materials chosen. The majority of pole barn companies offering complete installation. It is also possible to buy the needed materials for the barn and hire a local contractor. When buyers opt for a pole barn kit, companies offer free shipping to the desired location.

When building a pole barn, the technique used is referred to as basic pole and beam. In most cases, the poles are secured in a concrete base although it is also possible to secure them with anchor sleeves. An inexpensive option for construction of a pole barn is the use of old telephone poles. The only major difficulty with this option is the inconsistent size of each pole, affecting the line up.

The terrain and climate are also factors in deciding what type of pole barn can be built. Before beginning construction, it is important to check with the local planning department for any regulations in place regarding pole barns. In some areas of the country, a permit is required before ground can be broken. In many cases, the requirements are available on the local governments building and permits website.

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