Is It Cost-Effective to Reupholster Leather Furniture?


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Reupholstering leather furniture costs about the same as buying new replacements, but it is cost-effective if replacements are not readily available, alternatives are of poor quality, or the cost of labor is high. If you hire an expert, your area of residence may influence how much you pay.

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Leather furniture is high quality, durable and justifiably expensive. Reupholstering leather furniture is difficult and expensive, but these downfalls do not outweigh the benefits. Upholstering existing quality furniture is also more viable than buying cheap furniture.

The cost of upholstering leather furniture is about the same as that of buying new pieces, but factors such as labor and the condition of the furniture cause significant variation in the cost. If you live in an expensive neighborhood in a big city, you are likely to pay more for the services of an expert. Also, if the furniture is in a dilapidated condition, the cost of reupholstering is high. Depending on the circumstances, therefore, reupholstering leather furniture is cost-effective.

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