How Do You Correctly Chlorinate Water for Swimming Pools?

To chlorinate water in a swimming pool, add the recommended amount of chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine or chlorine granules to the pool each day. Test the pH and chlorine levels daily, and maintain a chlorine level of one to three parts per million. Shock the pool with chlorine once weekly to keep the water clean and clear, and shock the pool after heavy rains, long period of extreme heat, or when algae is present.

Chlorine tablets are added to skimmer baskets when the pool filter is running, or the chlorine tablets are placed in a floating chlorine dispenser. When using a floating basket, monitor the basket to ensure it remains in motion, as too much chlorine in one area of the pool can cause problems.

Typically, a 5,000 gallon pool requires one 8-ounce chlorine tablet per week, and a 30,000 gallon pool requires five to six 8-ounce chlorine tablets weekly to maintain the proper chlorine levels. Refer to the product packaging to determine exactly how many chlorine tablets to use, and use chlorine products that are specifically designed for swimming pools.

Test the chlorine levels in the pool frequently to determine the precise number of chlorine tablets to use. To shock the pool, use a shock product according to the directions on the product packaging.