How Do You Know When Corn Is Ready to Pick?


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Corn is ready to be harvested when the ears have completely filled out. This can be tested by feeling the ends of the corn. If the ends are round and blunt rather than pointed, they are likely ready. The corn silk also mostly dries up when it is ready.

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Another way to get a good look at the ear of corn is to peel back the husk and inspect the ear. The corn needs to be well filled out with kernels, and the kernels should appear creamy white or yellow. Piercing a kernel is another way to test. Watery liquid means the corn is not quite ready, while a milky white liquid means that it is ready to harvest.

Opening the husk is best done as a last resort to make 100 percent sure that the corn is ready. Opening an immature husk allows it to be susceptible to birds and insects. Harvesting corn as close to the moment of use is the best way to get the sweetest corn possible. As soon as the corn is picked, it begins converting the natural sugars into starch. Cooler temperatures slow down this process; any corn that is not to be used quickly can retain most of its sweetness in the refrigerator.

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