What Is a Cordless Heater?


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A cordless heater is a portable space heating device powered by propane to force air into a small area. Some cordless heater models also feature a lead acid battery. Cordless heaters, when charged, typically heat for approximately four hours on a single charge or eight hours with a backup battery.

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Cordless heaters are commonly used at outdoor job sites, in garages or in indoor areas without access to natural heat. Cordless heaters may also be used in place of corded space heaters in offices and homes. Some models can heat up to 1,250 square feet and are equipped with quiet burner technology for a quiet heating experience.

Cordless heaters often have the option to use with a cord plugged into an electrical outlet and while charging. Most models feature flame safety shut-off, temperature gauges and one-touch gas valve igniters. Additional options include units with fans that disperse warm air into the area or wall-mounted units for permanent heating. Cordless heaters range in size and weight and are available in models as small as a flashlight or portable units on wheels topping 20 or more pounds. Cordless heaters with wheels can be transported from one area to the next to redistribute heat at home, in the garage or at the office.

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