What Are Cool Decking Options for Pools?

What Are Cool Decking Options for Pools?

Some of the best pool decking options are concrete and pavers, notes ConcreteNetwork.com. Some homeowners prefer using brick or tile, but installing these deck surfaces is more expensive.

When building a pool deck, choose a surface that falls within budget constraints. Options include concrete, tile, pavers and brick, and each has its pros and cons.

Concrete is the most popular choice for a pool deck, notes ConcreteNetwork.com. Concrete pool decks have fewer expensive installation costs, even when the homeowner wants designs in the deck, and the material stays much cooler in the hot summer sun. Caring for a concrete deck is much easier than other types of material, and it is slip resistant.

Pavers are slightly more expensive than concrete and require more annual maintenance. They offer more in the way of design options, but installation requires laying each individual paver by hand. However, pavers offer the same slip resistance and heat reflectivity as concrete.

Some homeowners prefer the look of brick. Brick offers tons of design options but, depending on the size of the deck, may be expensive to install. Brick gets extremely hot in the summer and requires much in the way of maintenance. Brick is somewhat slip resistant.

Building a pool deck from tile may seem like an attractive option, but tile is not only expensive but very slippery when wet. One of the benefits of tile is its design options; it comes in many colors and patterns, but tile, like brick, gets very hot in the sun.