How Do You Cool an Air Conditioning Unit?


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Cool an air conditioning unit by building a shelter to shade it from the sun. When the sun shines on the side of the house, the entire wall heats up and transfers heat to the air conditioning unit. Therefore, planting trees or building a large shelter to shade the whole wall can be a good way to keep the air conditioning unit cool.

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Cool your air conditioning unit by planting trees or erecting an awning to shade the unit and the surrounding side of the house. Another option is to build a plywood shelter to shade the air conditioning unit. The shelter should extend several feet beyond the air conditioning condenser unit and have a sloped roof that attaches to the house, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Leave the sides of the plywood shelter open so that air can flow through and carry heat away from the air conditioning unit. It is possible to store tools in the shelter, but keep them away from the air conditioning unit so that they do not block the air flow.

An air conditioning unit can overheat if it is filled with dirt and dust. Clean the air conditioning unit filter regularly to remove hair, dirt and dust. Replace the filter if it is not possible to scrub away all the dirt with soap and water.

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