How Do You Cook Turkey in a Crock-Pot?


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To cook turkey in a Crock-Pot, start by rinsing the turkey with water, trimming excess skin and seasoning. Pat the turkey dry and cook it in the Crock-Pot on high for one hour. Turn down the heat and cook around 3 to 7 more hours depending on the bird's size.

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Be sure to completely thaw the turkey and remove the neck and giblets before placing it breast-side up in the Crock-Pot. If the turkey is still frozen it will not cook evenly or be fully cooked in the allotted time. Quarter an apple and onion and press loosely inside the cavity of the turkey to ensure flavorful moisture content on the inner portions of the meat. Do not overfill the cavity or the turkey will not cook evenly.

All poultry should be cooked to a temperature of 140 degrees or higher in order to be safe for consumption. Use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the turkey and baste it every few hours to prevent it from becoming too dry. Once it has reached the proper temperature the heat can be turned off and the bird will be ready to eat.

Season the turkey with simple seasonings like salt, garlic and pepper. Rub several pats of butter and several minced cloves of garlic underneath the skin of the bird for very succulent and flavorful meat.

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