How Do You Convert a Propane Barbecue to Natural Gas?

How Do You Convert a Propane Barbecue to Natural Gas?

To convert a propane barbecue to natural gas, run a natural gas line to the barbecue and install a conversion kit on the grill. Converting to natural gas instead of propane allows the user to use the home's natural gas line, reducing the chance of running out of fuel while cooking.

To convert a propane barbecue grill to a natural gas grill:

  1. Purchase a conversion kit
  2. Kits vary, but a natural gas conversion kit typically includes all of the necessary parts to perform the conversion, including: a flexible gas hose, gas jets, quick-disconnect valve fittings, a hose wrench, a jet wrench, valve limiters and an orifice cleaning tool. Check with the manufacturer for a conversion kit that is compatible with the grill's model.

  3. Run the gas line
  4. Consult a local plumbing inspector before running any lines, and ensure a flexible gas hose will be acceptable. Research and follow all local ordinances before continuing. Run a gas line to where the grill is located and attach it to the deck or building. Install a shutoff valve and then install the quick-disconnect fitting.

  5. Replace the burner jets
  6. Remove the burner grates and assembly and use the jet wrench to remove the existing jets. Install the new jets included with the conversion kit.

  7. Install the valve limiter stop
  8. Pull off the valve knob and slide on the valve limiter stop included with the conversion kit. Then press the knob back on.

  9. Install the new hose
  10. Remove the existing propane hose and pressure regulator and install the new hose included in the conversion kit.