How Do You Convert an Old Refrigerator Into a Smoker?


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To convert a refrigerator or freezer into a smoker, remove all drawers and crispers, and drill holes in the sides and top of the unit. The shelves within a refrigerator can be configured in whatever manner best fits the smoker's intended function.

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When purchasing a refrigerator for conversion, select one that has only one compartment. After removing all drawers and crispers, build a heat-resistant rack on the bottom of the refrigerator. Use bricks or a metal rack for this. This protects the floor of the refrigerator from excessive heat.

Next, drill a 3- to 4-inch hole in the top of the refrigerator. This hole serves as the primary mechanism for controlling the flow of air and smoke out of the refrigerator. Drill three 2- to 3-inch holes in each side of the refrigerator. These allow air to flow into the refrigerator without allowing smoke and flavoring to escape.

Season your smoker before use by placing a small amount of charcoal in a metal pot. Light the coals, and allow them to burn down to embers. While this is happening, place whatever wood chips are to be used to smoke your food in a cold water bath. Once the embers are hot and glowing, place the pot on the rack on the bottom of the refrigerator. Place a handful of the soaked wood chips in the pot. Use a brick to partially cover the hole in the top of the refrigerator, and adjust as needed. Once the wood chips have seasoned the interior of the refrigerator, the smoker is ready for use.

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