What Is a Convection Stove Top?


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A convection stove top, also known as an induction cook top, uses an electromagnetic field to heat pans without heating the kitchen or cooking surface. A convection stove top is considered more energy efficient than electric or gas stove tops.

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Traditional gas and electric stove tops heat with a flame or electric heating element and are approximately 50 percent efficient, whereas a convection stove top keeps the stove top cool, using less energy. Convection stove tops are approximately 90 percent energy efficient because excess heat is not transmitted into the kitchen area.

A convection stove top is typically considered a safer cooking option because the burner is cool to the touch and easier to clean due to the cool surface. Cooking speed is also faster than traditional range tops. A convection stove top adjusts temperatures at a rapid rate and uses an 1,800-watt burner to heat quickly.

When cooking on a convection stove top, cookware made of steel or cast iron is recommended. Glass, ceramic and aluminum are not recommended due to the high rate of heat and electromagnetic technology. Most convection stove tops feature safety functions that shut off the heat if a pan is not present or is empty.

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