How Does a Convection Microwave Work?


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A convection microwave combines elements of a microwave with elements of a convection oven. The microwave uses non-ionizing radiation to heat food, while convection uses a heating component and internal fans to circulate heat. Convection microwaves typically have three settings: microwave only, convection only and mix.

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How Does a Convection Microwave Work?
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A convection microwave uses a combination of elements from a traditional microwave and a convection oven, including infrared-generating bulbs and metal heating coils, to produce heat inside the box. The convection technology incorporates strong internal fans that are used to circulate heat around food items, rather than warming up food items in sections. Convection microwaves cook foods more quickly and more evenly than traditional ovens as a result of combining elements.

The microwave only feature works best for reheating food or popping popcorn. The molecules inside food items absorb energy and bounce around, which creates enough friction to heat the food. The microwave only feature does not require heat produced by the appliance to warm food.

The convection only feature uses a heating element and a fan to bake, broil or crisp food items. The mix feature allows users to combine the energy of a microwave with the power of a convection oven to heat food first before fully cooking it.

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