How Do You Control White Flies on Indoor Plants?


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Control white flies on indoor houseplants by vacuuming them up, hanging sticky tape from the plant, using insecticidal soap on the foliage, and cleaning the plant with kitchen insect spray or neem oil. The best pest control is prevention, and this is done mainly by keeping the plants healthy.

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If whiteflies are just starting to infest indoor plants, control them by vacuuming them up immediately. Be thorough, and suck up all the whitefly eggs as well. Hanging sticky tape onto the infested plant is another option for a mild infestations. Remember to follow all manufacturer's instructions.

More severe infestations require insecticidal soaps that control the whitefly population. These soaps can be purchased from stores or homemade as long as the ingredients do not contain extra chemicals or additives that harm the plants along with the whitefly population. To make insecticidal soap, dilute 1 teaspoon of liquid, perfume-free detergent in 1 gallon of water. Pour the soap mixture in a bottle and spray the plants.

Kitchen insect spray designed to kill whiteflies can also be made from home products. Blend garlic, onion and cayenne pepper together and add 1 quart of water. After allowing the mixture to sit for an hour, strain out the paste and add 1 tablespoon of dish soap to the liquid. Spray it on the infected plant.

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