How Do You Control Scorpions?

How Do You Control Scorpions?

How Do You Control Scorpions?

To control a scorpion infestation, remove debris on the property and treat the area with a combination of diatomaceous earth and citrus oil. Hunting scorpions using a black light can reduce their populations quickly.

  1. Remove debris around the home

    Remove debris that may hide scorpions, and store firewood and other supplies off the ground. Water sources, such as a leaky faucet, should be removed or repaired. Store garbage in a lidded bin to reduce the presence of insects on the property.

  2. Treat the area with diatomaceous earth

    Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth around garbage bins, wood piles or in any area where insects are present to reduce the scorpion's food sources. Replace the diatomaceous earth after heavy rain, or when the powder is no longer visible.

  3. Hunt scorpions at night

    Use a black light to locate scorpions at night, and use a scorpion grabber to pick up any scorpions that are found. After capturing a scorpion, discard it along with the sticky pad positioned on the end of the grabber.

  4. Treat the infestation with citrus oil

    Serious scorpion infestations can be resolved by treating the affected area with citrus oil. Apply the oil according to the directions on the packaging.