How Do You Control Nutsedge?


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Nutsedge, also called nutgrass, can be controlled by mowing grass when it is approximately 3 inches long. This allows the grass surrounding the nutsedge to grow in and crowd the weed out. Mowing the grass when it is shorter than 3 inches stimulates the growth of nutsedge. Nutsedge can also be controlled by weeding or spraying it with weed killer.

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Nutsedge growing on lawns can be controlled by spraying it with a weed killer specifically designed to eradicate it. Nutsedge growing in landscaped areas can sometimes be controlled by pulling the weeds by hand. This method is usually most effective when the weeds are still young. Nutsedge grows from tiny tubers that form on roots; when nutsedge is pulled, some tubers can remain behind and continue to grow. This is why using a weed killer designed to kill nutsedge is most effective when used in landscaped areas, as long as care is taken to avoid other plants.

There are two main types of nutsedge: purple-spiked and yellow-spiked. Purple-spiked nutsedge mainly grows in California and the Southeast. Yellow-spiked nutsedge is generally found on lawns in any region where warm, damp conditions are prevalent. Both types have yellow-green grassy leaves and can grow up to 3 feet tall if not eradicated.

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