How Do You Control Nuisance Wildlife?

How Do You Control Nuisance Wildlife?

To control nuisance wildlife, it is necessary to eliminate shelter and food sources that may attract the animals. It is also recommended that homeowners make repairs to prevent animals from entering the home. Preventing nuisance wildlife requires consistent effort throughout the year.

  1. Remove debris around the home

    To prevent animals from finding shelter on the property, remove debris, such as piles of tree limbs or tall grass, regularly throughout the year. Store boards and firewood in a clean, dry area away from the home.

  2. Repair the home

    Raccoons, squirrels and other nuisance wildlife can enter the home through small cracks and crevices, and are particularly interested in uninhabited areas, such as the attic. Check the attic and crawlspace for damage frequently. If damage is present, make repairs immediately to prevent animals from entering the home.

  3. Eliminate food sources

    Possible food sources include nut trees, pet food and garbage. Store garbage indoors if possible, or use an animal-proof lid on all garbage bins stored in the outdoors. Remove nuts and other fruit as it falls from the trees, and feed pets indoors whenever possible.

  4. Trap the nuisance wildlife

    In some regions, trapping is legal with a permit. Rehome the animal according to local regulations.