How Do You Control Mushrooms in Lawn Grass?


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Controlling mushrooms in lawn grass requires changing moisture levels, shade and the organic material conditions of the lawn. Mushrooms thrive in shady, wet areas, especially where soil is compacted.

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  1. Improve conditions

    Mushrooms, fungi that favor shade, typically remain hidden, but can appear after rainy periods, given the right conditions. Because they disappear once the sun dries the soil, allow direct sunlight to flow to problem areas by trimming branches of trees and shrubs. Compacted soil is another problem that keeps lawns damp and encourages mushroom growth.

  2. Drain the lawn

    Aerate the lawn to increase drainage. Improved drainage increases oxygen availability to grass roots, which discourages mushroom growth. Remove thatch from the lawn if it exceeds half an inch to reduce the amount of organic material available to facilitate unwanted mushroom growth.

  3. Remove pet waste and tree stumps

    Tree stumps are breeding grounds for mushrooms, so have them removed. Promptly clean up pet waste to avoid fungal and mushroom growth.

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