How Do You Control a Ladybug Infestation?


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To control a ladybug infestation, collect the bugs regularly using a vacuum cleaner, and either throw them out or take them outside and set them free. To more easily get rid of ladybugs after vacuuming, secure a stocking between two sections of a vacuum cleaner wand using tape or rubber bands. You can also use a ladybug light trap to collect ladybugs from around the house.

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To prevent ladybugs from entering the house, get rid of the cracks and holes around doors, windows, outlets, eaves and pipes. Ladybugs can enter through very small cracks, so use foaming sealants and weather stripping to seal every possible entry spot. When getting rid of ladybugs, make sure not to agitate them, as they produce yellow liquid when stressed. This liquid stains surfaces and smells bad.

Usually, ladybugs come inside the house to hibernate for winter and leave in the spring. To keep them from coming back in the spring, use residual insecticide on the outside of the house. Ladybugs are usually harmless, so if there aren't a lot of them in the house, it might be easier to leave them until spring. These insects don't carry disease or lay eggs in the house, they rarely bite, and they can't cause structural damage. In addition, ladybugs are good for the garden, as they eat aphids.

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