How Do You Control Henbit?

Common methods for controlling henbit include pulling, hoeing or mulching. Pulling henbit works well if the weeds are particularly young. Wet the soil thoroughly and grab the stem as far down as possible. Henbit has a long, tenacious taproot, which can make it difficult to pull up the entire plant. If necessary, dig up the roots using a trowel or a kitchen fork.

Another method of controlling henbit is by hoeing it. Wait until the soil is dry and then cut up the soil and the weeds using a hoe. A large area can be hoed using a tiller. This process destroys the tops and the roots of the plants, which makes it impossible for them to continue growing. The younger the plants are, the more effective this method is. After waiting a day or two, look for any survivors and remove them.

Mulching is a great way to get rid of henbit, as the mulch suffocates the weeds. First, cover the weeds with several pieces of newspaper, and then lay down a 2-inch-thick layer of mulch on top of the newspaper. Use wheat straw, grass clippings and chopped leaves for great organic mulches. To get rid of henbit below shrubs and trees, cover the weeds with landscaping fabric before adding the mulch.