How Do You Control Gypsy Moths?


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Keep your yard as clean as possible and set traps or tree bands to control gypsy moth populations. More aggressive solutions include botanical insecticides, although they are not generally recommended since they are indiscriminate and may destroy beneficial insects along with gypsy moths.

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Removing discarded items, tree stumps and dead branches from an outdoor area reduces the amount of space that adult female gypsy moths can use as nesting sites to lay masses of eggs. When removing these items, be sure to destroy any egg masses found.

After removing all of the possible nesting sites, use gypsy moth traps, pest barriers and sticky tree bands to curtail the existing population and prevent further infestation. Gypsy moth traps are generally efficient at capturing gypsy moths and prevent males from getting in contact with females. Pest barriers and sticky tree bands are effective at curtailing the movement of gypsy moth caterpillars through tree canopies.

Botanical insecticides can be very effective at controlling gypsy moth populations, but they often do greater damage to beneficial insect populations in the process. For this reason, pest control experts recommend only using these products as a means of last resort and even then doing so in a judicious manner. Botanical insecticides are most effective when gypsy moth caterpillars are young; older or larger populations may require multiple applications to deliver results.

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