How Do You Control Earwigs in a Nontoxic Way?


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Some nontoxic methods to control earwigs include using bait traps, removing decaying vegetation around the house and sprinkling diatomaceous earth around plants. To prevent earwigs from getting into the house, seal doors, windows and screens, and move wood piles far away from the house. Use bird feeders to attract the birds that eat earwigs.

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To make nontoxic bait traps for earwigs, use a small plastic container with a hole in the top filled with water and vegetable oil. Put this bait trap in an area outside where there are many earwigs. Earwigs are attracted to the vegetable oil and climb into the container and drown. Other insects are unlikely to be attracted to the vegetable oil, so this solution does not negatively impact beneficial insects.

Removing decaying vegetation, such as leaves, is another nontoxic method for controlling earwigs because earwigs live and thrive in wet and decaying organic materials. If you have an earwig overpopulation in your garden, avoid over-watering your plants, and make sure that your soil drains away from the house.

Another nontoxic method for controlling earwig populations is sprinkling diatomaceous earth around plants in the garden or around the house. Particles in this type of earth are small and sharp and harmful to the exoskeletons of earwigs.

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