How Do You Control Centipede Infestations?

How Do You Control Centipede Infestations?

Centipedes eat spiders, cockroaches and other small insects. They kill their prey with poison jaws. Larger species bite humans, resulting in pain similar to a bee sting. Control an infestation using a multistep approach.

  1. Keep the area dry

    These insects prefer moist, damp areas. If your home has a basement, take steps to dry moist air, including installing a dehumidifier. Slope the soil away from the foundation of the home to encourage natural drainage.

  2. Keep compost piles away from the home

    The natural habitat of the centipede includes rotting logs and biomass on the forest floor. Compost piles offer an excellent second home for breeding. Make sure your compost pile, fallen leaves and other yard debris remain a minimum of three feet from the foundation of the home.

  3. Eliminate dark cracks

    Due to their nocturnal nature, centipedes hide in dark cracks around the home during the day. Use caulk to fill these cracks to eliminate their hiding places. Use spray foam sealant around pipes and other potential places of entry into the home.

  4. Check the weather stripping

    Check doors and garage door for weather stripping. Properly sealing doors eliminate points of entry for centipedes.

  5. Use a residual insecticide

    Create a barrier of residual insecticide around the home. While the barrier doesn't kill the centipedes already in the home, it kills any that try to cross it in the future.